• New York Section 2 Amateur Youth and Adult Sports


My name is Dave Howard and I am the General Manager, and founder, of HotZooP Sports.  I am a graduate of Siena College where I played baseball, and was fortunate to be drafted in the 24th-round by the Pittsburgh Pirates.  I flamed out after 2 years in the minor leagues and was cut in 1991.  A tough day.

My career in Information Technology began in 1994 when 2 of my Siena roommates recommended that I get into the “new” technology space.  From that point on I worked my tail off to remake myself into a solid IT professional.  Here is a quick IT bio:

  • Worked for General Electric for 2 years as an IT contractor
  • Formed my 3rd company – ITP and become a trusted adviser and Chief Architect responsible for implementing Peregine ServiceCenter, HP Service Manager for General Electric globally
  • In 2000, co-founded Linium, LLC
  • 2018, Linium gets purchased by Ness Technologies focused on Service-Now platform.
  • I decided to take an opportunity to create a community that would partner my love of sports with my experience in IT and build this platform.

I have 2 kids who are very active in amateur sports.  Lacrosse, field hockey, baseball and ice hockey information are very important to me as a parent.  As they were growing up, the only training events that I could find, as a parent, came via word of mouth or found by picking up a flyer in a hockey rink.

I have always wanted to pair my past experiences where I could create a platform of services that would provide events and information where amateur athletes, both young and old, could find an event, camp, training, etc. to help them get better.

Using online services like Eventbrite, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps, and Google calendar Platforms, as well as our site, we will market events so they get seen, clicked, discussed and attended.

My name is Jim Gaetani and I am the EVP of Sales and Marketing at HotZoop Sports Marketing Platforms.  I am a graduate of Siena College where I studied Marketing and was a member of the baseball team. My first “real” job after graduation was with the Albany Firebirds of the Arena Football League as their Director of Marketing. It seemed the perfect combination for me; a kid who spent his summers on the sandlot and winters in the gym could make money working in Professional Sports? Sign me up! It was fun while it lasted but it didn’t last very long.

For the past 25 years I have led a successful career in sales. The bulk of that time was spent in the foodservice industry with 2 brief stops in pharmaceuticals and HR services along the way. I was fortunate to work for large, industry leading corporations with outstanding training programs while surrounding myself with many dynamic and successful individuals.

I have had the pleasure to watch my children and step children participate in high school and college sports. As a coach and proud parent I took an active role in helping them prepare for competition both on and off the fields, courts and tracks. I began to notice that the team sports information available online can be both difficult to find and inaccurate. When Dave and I began to realize we encountered similar frustrations, we decided that this landscape was in need of change.

Our mission statement:

  1. Provide amateur athletes both young and old a platform to find events that are happening around them.
  2. Provide information on sports events that are of interest in the New York Capital District.
  3. Provide a platform for training facilities, coaches, tournament organizers, clubs, etc. to promote their services to amateur athletes in New York’s Capital District. 
  4. Strengthen our amateur sports community and grow the network across New York State and beyond.

With your participation and feedback we can create a community that can get you or your child matched up with the training that may make them a champ!